Third Grade 2016-2017 Resources:

NOTE: Please pay special attention to all footnotes in the standards, as they provide important information regarding the standards. For example, in 3rd grade, there is a footnote for GSE3.OA.8, "This standard is limited to problems posed with whole numbers and having whole-number answers; students should know how to perform operations in the conventional order where there are no parentheses to specify a particular order (Order of Operations)." If this footnote is overlooked, students would be missing an important understanding when they enter 4th grade. (Many thanks to Kristine Lonsford of Walker County for pointing out the importance of attending to the footnotes!)
Many thanks to Denise Bringslid, APS, for sharing this article:

Third Grade 2015-2016 Frameworks

Michelle Clay, Floyd County shares videos of her students demonstrating 3rd grade standards. See the videos here:
Thanks, Michelle, for sharing your students' thinking!


Third Grade 2014-2105 Frameworks

Third Grade 2014 Summer Mathematics Academy Presentation materials.

Third Grade Editable Curriculum Map 2014-2015 (the map has not changed, thus the date in the footer is still 2013-14)

Third Grade Editable Curriculum Map 2012-2013

Differentiation in the math classroom:

This document aligns each frameworks task to other reputable resources and is very useful for differentiation.
Suggestions for usage are:
  1. Remediation
  2. Previewing a concept
  3. Scaffolding a task
  4. For Title/EIP/SpEd pullout
  5. Centers/Stations
(Many thanks to Jenise Sexton for sharing her work!)

3rd Grade Unit by Unit Parent Letters

Unit 1 Webinar Resources

Unit 2 Webinar Resources

Unit 3 Webinar Resources

Unit 4 Webinar Resources

Unit 5 Webinar Resources

Unit 6 Webinar Resources

Unit 7 Webinar Resources

Please take 5 minutes to complete our unit by unit webinar survey. Let us know how we can help!

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Grade 3, Unit 2 Question Meleia Meleia 0 155 Oct 26, 2015 by Meleia Meleia
3rd grade multiplication question jennifergreer1 jennifergreer1 7 2433 Sep 2, 2015 by tgunntoms tgunntoms
MCC.3.NF.3c--Whole numbers with denominator of 1 oreosme oreosme 3 331 Mar 20, 2014 by tgunntoms tgunntoms
MCC.3.MD.7 d thillgr3 thillgr3 2 311 Jan 25, 2014 by thillgr3 thillgr3
Unit 4-What Makes a Shape? kirkchan kirkchan 3 386 Jan 2, 2014 by CJones506 CJones506
MCC.3.MD.7 b Halbruner Halbruner 4 484 Oct 22, 2013 by tgunntoms tgunntoms
Unit 1 Webinar Jenise.Sexton Jenise.Sexton 2 323 Sep 5, 2013 by tgunntoms tgunntoms
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assessments tallent3rd tallent3rd 1 1234 Dec 4, 2012 by amcdowell3 amcdowell3
3rd Grade Math Curriculum Map CheMat CheMat 1 994 Nov 5, 2012 by TadW TadW
Unit 4 Area kellyjohnson34 kellyjohnson34 1 689 Nov 3, 2012 by TadW TadW
Integrated Task for Math/ELA from Unit 1 ~ Because of Winn Dixie carlylong88 carlylong88 0 837 Oct 25, 2012 by carlylong88 carlylong88
3rd Grade Unit 2 Question smoncrief1 smoncrief1 7 1520 Oct 15, 2012 by KarenSumner1 KarenSumner1
Quick question about understanding regrouping after 6 weeks into the school year... LC-B LC-B 10 1255 Sep 27, 2012 by Jenise.Sexton Jenise.Sexton
3rd Grade unit 1 NBT.3 kbrown1125 kbrown1125 1 608 Sep 20, 2012 by TadW TadW
3rd Grade Standards kcmiller2 kcmiller2 7 1180 Sep 15, 2012 by Jrussell1976 Jrussell1976
Unit 1 Standards and materials kpalumbo1 kpalumbo1 10 1344 Sep 15, 2012 by LC-B LC-B
learning math facts CherylHampel CherylHampel 6 665 Sep 14, 2012 by LC-B LC-B
Unit 3 Arrays on the Farm kirkchan kirkchan 2 944 Sep 9, 2012 by kirkchan kirkchan
3rd Grade Rounding Standard tawilkins tawilkins 1 754 Sep 6, 2012 by Graham.Fletcher Graham.Fletcher
Unit 2 Leap Frog Task mwiernicki mwiernicki 0 510 Sep 5, 2012 by mwiernicki mwiernicki
geometry terms and references kjohnsoncles kjohnsoncles 3 641 Jul 27, 2012 by bethprogers bethprogers
3rd Grade Unit 1 Webinar BrookeKline BrookeKline 7 1041 Jun 22, 2012 by tgunntoms tgunntoms

General Resources for Third Grade

Base-ten blocks cut into the denomination of coins! Keeping money concrete!!!


Mrs. Shannon's First Grade Blog (thanks, Mrs. Shannon!!)
Responsive Classroom
Standards Explained- SEDL
Inside Mathematics
Professional Learning- Common Core
Ohio's CCSS resources
NC Unpacked CCSS
AZ Unpacked CCSS
Rekenrek App
About the Rekenrek
NZMaths Numeracy Materials
Annenberg Learner- great resource!

Teacher Resource Texts

Carpenter, Fennema, et al, Children's Mathematics- Cognitively Guided Instruction
Diller, Math Work Stations
Van De Walle and Lovin, Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics, K-3
Fosnot and Dolk, Young Mathematicians at Work
Wright, et al, Teaching Number in the Classroom
Wright, et al, Early Numeracy
Parrish, Number Talks
Clements and Sarama, Learning and Teaching Early Math
Shumway, Number Sense Routines
Wedekind, Math Exchanges

GPB Video Segments