Here is everything you need for administration of the IKAN. Please send me an email if you'd like anything else to be added.

Turtle Toms: and I'll do my best to accommodate your request.

Discussion Area- ask questions, get/give answers about the IKAN, GloSS, and Numeracy Project here:
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Link to Webinar recording:

Webinar Powerpoint:

please note: Corrections to powerpoint notes regarding slide 17 re: scoring!

PLEASE NOTE- THE FINE PRINT AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SCORING DOCUMENT SHOULD READ “Last stage of mastery” not “Highest or Lowest stage at which all 8 items are correct”. This is very important! The stage in which a student gets all the answers correct before missing any in the next stage is where you want to score the student, as the incorrect responses in the next stages may reveal an easily corrected misconception.

(Thank you, B. Cunningham, Lincoln County, for your sharp eye!)

Link to IKAN downloadable assessment videos 1-4:

Remember to download/use the mp4 versions instead of the flash versions. Do not pause or stop the video. It is intentionally timed.

IKAN Student Answer Recording Form (Customizable)

IKAN Student Answer Recording Form (NZ version):

Remember: Instruct students to continue answering all the way to the end. Suggest they put a question mark if they don't know the answer to a question.

IKAN Questions and Answers:

IKAN Answers (no questions):

K-8 IKAN expectations (Jefferson County):

IKAN expectations continuum K-8 (Henry County):

IKAN Counting Interview (for early stages of Number Knowledge, stages 1, 2, and 3)-

Link to classroom video (Middle School students taking the IKAN):

IKAN Administration/Information Guide:

Link to Numeracy Project resources:

The Numeracy Project, GloSS, and IKAN are creations of the New Zealand Ministry of Education. Please give them credit when adapting/using documents. These documents are not creations of the Georgia Department of Education.