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Also, please ask questions on the discussion board. Educators from across the state and beyond would love to assist you in supporting your child's mathematical development.

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Parent Letter- How to support your student in mathematics:

Why teaching your child "tricks" may do more harm than good:

New Video! What does it look like when the Curriculum Frameworks are used in classrooms?


Parent Presentation for use by anyone- includes links to videos, resources, and games. Enjoy!


Unit by Unit Parent Letters can be found here: 2015 2016 Documents

Just scroll down to the appropriate grade.

Read this-


Helpful Videos- (thanks, Paulding County Schools!) :

K-5 Math Videos
These lovely little explainer videos help parents see how students are developing understanding of and flexibility with number. Remind the parents that these are conceptual understandings being explained, and that often the mathematics shown is done mentally by students. Makes students better at algebra and more in the long run.

Why you are a critical partner:

Parents and guardians are valuable partners in reinforcing the understanding developed in school. Parents should understand the importance of strategies and algorithmic understanding in the overall development of their children’s mathematical thinking, and should have their children do mental computation in natural situations at home and in the community.
See below for a link to the types of strategies being developed in the classroom and the types of mental computations you should expect your children to be able to do.

Mental Math Strategies: You probably already do these yourself without even thinking about it!


Kindergarten student shows understanding:


Parent Guides from the National PTA:


Parent Guides from the Council for Great City Schools:


Videos about mathematics teaching and learning: